Fuga : Melodies of Steel

Fuga : Melodies of Steel

CyberConnect2, Japan - Lite-Tactical RPG - 2021 - Unreal Engine

It is an original project from CyberConnect2, set in the Little Tail Bronx universe (Tail Concerto, Solatorobo), it deviates from its former action RPG genre to dive into the T-RPG and management system.

It was my first time working in a Japanese studio, and while my Japanese wasn't up to the task, my teammates were also mostly foreign, and the director was French like me. I worked on the pre-production of Fuga. I had to work on a very specific prototype to figure out the flow in terms of controls, UI and interaction between exploration and combat gameplay, to clarify part of the vision for the project and to make mechanics and gameplay suggestions.

While the game was made with Unreal Engine, the prototype was made with Gamemaker Studio 2.

What I did

  • I created a 2D prototype with different control schemes and behaviours to define what would work best.
  • I had to propose ideas regarding the UI and mechanics, following some principles decided by the director, and did some mockup for it.


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