Who Am I

I am a Senior Game Designer, Level Designer and Lecturer, doing some 2D art & animation as well. I work in the videogame industry since 2003 for several studios.


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My principles

« Never give up, trust your instinct »

A proverb

« Life is hard but raw rice is harder »

I am a Frenchman, who lived three years in India, now living in Japan with my family.

I am open-minded, easy to live with and very curious, I spent a lot of time finding out what I wanted to do, which is why I tried a lot of things before sticking to video games, such as metalwork, advertising design, comics, music or youth worker for educational schooltrips.

I learned game design and level design on the job in 2003, and until June 2017, I also could share my experience to aspiring game disgner at Rubika Supinfogame in India, while continuing to create game prototypes, to test ideas and to draw. I'm now located in Japan, as a freelancer. I’m not afraid to get out of my comfort zone and motivate myself to learn new skills by myself, as I did for programming or audio mixing.
One can say that I am a Swiss knife who never forgets to sharpen all its blades.

I love ice cream, Miso Ramen and Japanese Rice Curry. And teaching dumb and funny stuffs to my kids.

Games Designer - Level Designer

Confidential Game

The Koomos

Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Dragon Ball Z - Kakarot

Dofus: Battle 2

Alice in Wonderland DS

Highlander - The Game

Alone in the Dark

Famous - Road to Glory

Dance Floor

Rayman Raving Rabbids DS

Indie Gamedev

S’Witches Scramble

Simon's Odyssey

I'm Designer and I Wanna Help


Rubika Supinfogame India

Prototypist & Mod

Tweet Kaminator

Game Design Adventure

Mirror's Edge Custom Map










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