Highlander The Game


Widescreen Games, France - Beat’em All – 2008 (Canceled) - Unreal Engine 3

Highlander is a 3D beat'em up game based on the famous film franchise, developed by Widescreen Games for Eidos. The game is based on Unreal Engine 3.
Due to the financial difficulties of Eidos, which was acquire by Square, it was cancelled in 2008, in a state close to completion.

I was a level designer/builder on this game, responsible for the tutorial and two full levels set in Pompei. This game allowed me to further develop my level design skills, as it was my first level design job for a 3D environment with free navigation and full player freedom.

I designed the levels in a two-man team with an artist, from layout to implementation, with constant communication and awareness of each other's constraints. I had to keep my documentation up to date and present my work to the level design team for feedback.

I was tasked with designing the game's tutorial, where I had to define the order in which the features would be explained to the player, write the dialogue and implement it in the engine using Kismet scripts.

What I did

  • Level proposal, planning and design, construction, scripting and implementation.
  • First part of the combat tutorial.
  • Designed two levels in the Pompei environment in pairs with an environment artist.
  • Presentation of the level to the level design team, documentation.




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