The Koomos


What I did.

  • Game design and some mechanics analysis
  • Gave a lot of feedbacks.

What I learned.

  • I lack methodology when it implies to manipulate a load of different datas.

  • When I'm not in charge or have no input, I need to be provided with a smooth organisation and solid management to do my work.

  • I really don't like neither to create nor to play that kind of game.

It's a multimedia project based on characters created by Thomas Romain and his sons, called The Koomos. You would find more information on Studio NoBorder's Website

I did some freelance works to help them with game design because it is their first videogame. That said, their in-house game designer had already released several boardgame and had a good idea of the game they wanted to do. Eventually, the working conditions wasn't good enough for any of us, and we decided to put an halt to our collaboration on this particular project.