Tweet Kaminator

This is a prototype game on Hideki Kamiya (Japanese game director of Bayonetta, Okami, etc.) and his way of using Twitter every day. Because he received a constant stream of questions that he answered with a short sentence or a single word, I found it funny to make a hybrid between a beat’ em all, a rhythm game and a memory game.

The key is to answer the questions posed by his followers, but in the form of a combination of moves. The player must remember which combo to perform for each question. Of course, I give visual feedback to give clues to the player. Combos are essentially a Punch and Kick button press chain, which always ends with the Special button.

The followers display the number of allowed attempts and, from there, more or less fill the Kamiya processing gauge. Once this gauge is full, Kamiya can turn into one of the characters he has created, allowing him to « hit » the right answer automatically. In this state, the followers display the combo corresponding to their questions so that the player can remember them.

I use well-known characters, only as place-holder to be able to prototype the project quickly while Kamiya’s sprite and animation are handmade.