Alice in Wonderland DS


Etranges Libellules, France - Adventure platform – 2009 - AGE Engine (proprietary)

Alice in Wonderland DS is the official game of Tim Burton's film. Unlike the Wii version, we wanted to create a puzzle platform game with a unique visual identity that could adapt to the limitations of the Nintendo DS hardware and meet the publisher's guidelines. I was in charge of level design, but I also helped with game design. I also did SFX for enemies and weapons.

With the lead game designer, we decided to design the progression with a Lite Metroidvania aspect, and I came up with the puzzle system map that you could rearrange to open paths to new locations within a level. I was tasked with designing and balancing the combat system and unique abilities for the four playable characters. I also designed levels with the principle of adding a unique mechanic or location to each one, using a process I learned while working on Rayman Raving Rabbits.

It's probably the game I'm most proud of.

What I did.

  • Map design and character ability design, defining the main game mechanics with the lead game designer.
  • Global progression of the game, as it's a Metroidvania style game.
  • Level macro progression, learning and difficulty curves, and documentation.
  • Level creation and implementation, testing and tuning.
  • Researching and creating assets for the sound design.



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