Famous - Road to Glory


Artefacts Studio - Management, minigame, rythm game – 2007 - Proprietary Engine

Famous - Road to Glory is an action, rhythm and management game in which the player must manage his career as a musician in order to achieve the status of the ultimate rock star. The game is published by Nobilis.

I was responsible for the game concept, based on a proposal from Nobilis, which validated the project. The task of designing the game was then split between me and another game designer. I was in charge of the action gameplay side (mini-games) and the music/rhythm side. Together with our main programmer, I designed a system that allowed the player to create their own melody without any knowledge of music theory, and I also composed two songs for the game based on this concept.

I also wanted to use the touch screen of the Nintendo DS as the main input interface for the character's instrument training mini-game, so I tried to simulate the use of a musical instrument.

What I did

  • Game concept based on the client's proposal, game design documentation and game vision.
  • Minigame design using all the features of the Nintendo DS (microphone, touch screen, etc.) and game mechanics for the rhythm sequences.
  • Sound design with a programmer to create a sound engine that allows the player to create their own melodies.
  • Two tunes for the game.


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