Simon's Odyssey

Plateform puzzle runner – mobile & PC – in development

What I do

  • Art, mostly.
  • Levels, in part.
  • Sound.

What I learn

  • Leave the final decision to my partner for game design choices.
  • How difficult it is to come back to art after all these years.
  • To not be too stressed to come across a game that shares the same core mechanic.

Simon’s Odyssey is a game in development, originally created for the 2016 Global Game Jam. I am mainly the 2D artist and my partner, Ian Thecleric, is the programmer. We both share game design and Level Design workload with each other. However, I wanted to get away from the game design aspect of this project and we decided that Ian would make the important decisions on this.

Simon is a little demon, living in Hell, who has to perform rituals to cross the Nine Circles of Hell and respond to his boss’s call.

The game is an action and puzzle game in its purest form since jumping and interaction with the environment are the Puzzle. Indeed, at the beginning of each level, a sequence of different jumps is displayed. Simon, the main character, runs, without being able to stop, within the limits of the level and must execute this sequence using the environment, in order to open and access the door leading to the next level.